The Future of Storytelling Which audience archetype are you?

About Latitude's
Future of Storytelling initiative

We began this initiative with a simple question: "How would you like to experience your favorite stories in the future?" Our goal has been to uncover new, tech-driven possibilities for stories to impact audiences more deeply than ever—by blurring the distinction between the “story-world” and “our world.” We want stories to offer different perspectives, inspire us to live better, and maybe even change the way we think about brands. 

For now, we’ve distilled our findings into a few key principles (The 4 I’s of Storytelling), and our hope is that content creators will begin to embrace the notion that audiences want interesting cross-platform narrative experiences—that the desire isn’t as niche as some might think. Innovative storytelling isn’t just for fantasy and sci-fi; there are exciting new opportunities for news creators and even retailers to use storytelling principles to engage people more deeply. 

We hope you’ll join us as we continue to explore the future of storytelling.

Neela Sakaria, EVP/Managing Director of Latitude

Kim Gaskins, Director of Content Development

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Stories are as old as mankind, but technology is changing things. It's not just about more content on more devices, though; it's about the chance to bring narratives out of the screen, into our lives. What does that mean for storytellers? Explore with us and find out.